Peace on Earth?

A Jewish man in Toronto Wrestles with the Question of Suffering

Brave Enough to Dream

Our L.A. branch is about to undergo a complete transformation.

A Gift and the Gospel

How are we reaching the 20% of Israelis who were born in the former Soviet Union?

Seeking the Truth

Find out how this Modern Orthodox man discovered that Jesus is God

Flourishing in Florentin

The Moishe Rosen Center engages with Tel Aviv’s artistic community during the “Made in Florentin” street fair

The Long Journey Home

A Hungarian woman finally opens her heart to Jesus

LiveChat L’Chaim!

How did this Jewish man find new life through our web chat platform?

From the Head to the Heart

How God used Chicago branch leader Jeremiah Zaretsky to bring a young man to faith

Day of Atonement

Read how this Jewish woman in South Africa came to faith in Jesus on Yom Kippur

Très Magnifique!

Celebrating the High Holy Days in Paris

We broke our record in India!

Why did our Israeli Massah team have 100% more interactions this year than any other?

Holy Hipsters!

How we’re bringing the gospel to Chicago’s trendy Wicker Park

613 to 3:16

What’s the meaning behind the theme of our London/Paris campaign?

Reaching Millennial Jews in NYC

During the New York Fall Outreach 60% of Jewish seekers who interacted with us were Millennials.


How did this Jewish grandmother end up at the police station for sharing the gospel? Read the whole story…

Knock, Knock! Who’s There?

How did this Jewish woman come to faith in Jesus though a knock-knock joke? Read Laurie’s story…

Ready For Takeoff!

We’ve already sent another team to India. Check in with Israeli Massah

Isaiah 53: In Their Own Language

Our Multitudes gallery in Tel Aviv portrayed Messianic prophecy through art and Hebrew text.

Superheroes for Jesus?

Read how our Berlin branch leader Aaron Lewin creatively shares the gospel…

Welcome Home Massah!

Our team of young Jewish American believers has just returned from India. Read a few captivating stories from the last leg of their journey.

An Unbelievable Response in Ukraine

If you were praying for Odessa Jubilee, you HAVE to read this report of the overflowing audience that came out to a special concert.

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