Yay for book tables!

Yay for book tables!

Susan Mendelson is passionate about what Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) has done for her. With a great smile and an outgoing personality, Susan is ready to chat with everyone, but especially her fellow Jewish people, about Messiah. She faithfully registers for booths and sets up book tables at many festivals in Long Island, where she serves with Jews for Jesus.

Recently Susan reported from a Long Beach festival, “Eileen stopped by our booth and surprised me by saying that she is Conservo-Orthodox but thinks we are right about Jesus. As she told her story, I learned that Eileen is angry with God over the death of her son. I encouraged her to speak directly with God about this but she explained that while she does go to synagogue to recite the traditional liturgy, speaking directly with God is not part of her Jewish experience. She took some literature, including a New Testament and was very glad to see the Psalms in the back! Please pray for Eileen to know God’s love through Messiah Jesus.

“Joe came by the table and was extremely interested in exchanging phone numbers because his girlfriend is Jewish and he’s looking for common ground. Please pray that the three of us can meet and speak further.

“Sara loved my ‘Keeping Jewish Weird’ T-shirt. She was wearing a T-shirt representing the very Orthodox Jewish group that she grew up with, and she offered me their postcard with High Holiday information. I mentioned how important it is for everyone to seek God for themselves and pointed out Jeremiah 29:13. Please pray that Sarah will ask God to reveal to her the truth about Yeshua.

“A Jewish woman named Ashley stopped by our booth with her two small children. She started out a bit skeptical but we had quite a good conversation, and she took some literature. Please pray for Ashley to come to know Jesus!”

These are just a few of the people that Susan has spoken to. Please pray that these and many others who heard the gospel will be motivated to consider whether the message about Jesus is true.

Names are changed to protect privacy.


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