Arielle Randle writes from Chicago, “When it’s cold in Chicago, people typically don’t want to take their hands out of their pockets to grab our literature. So even though we were really excited about the message we were handing out the day after the inauguration (see our tract here!), we were expecting a normal wintry day and only ordered 5,500 gospel postcards. Big mistake—turns out the weather on the day of the Women’s March was a shocking sunny 60 degrees. Our team of four staff and two volunteers handed out all of our literature in a breathtaking twenty minutes!

David Randle handing out our “Love Trumps Fear” postcard in downtown Chicago on the night of the Inauguration

“Even though we were disappointed that we hadn’t brought more literature (we’ll know better next time), we were encouraged by how responsive the marchers were to our message. One woman started chanting, ‘Love Trumps Fear’ (the slogan written on the front of our postcard) and hundreds of people quickly joined in the cheer. They started flocking to us, asking if they could have one of the postcards too!

Arielle Randle (right) and her sister, Simone Parkas, take a selfie before handing out tracts at the march

“Taking Chicago Transit home—crammed in with the other 250,000 people on their way to the march—probably wasn’t the best choice either. But the unmistakable takeaway from that day’s live-and-learn outreach went beyond logistics. We saw how people are looking for answers to the fear they see in themselves and others at this time. We left the Women’s March with a renewed passion to bring the message of light and love to those living in fear and darkness!”


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