This man has disavowed his own anti-missionary writing!

This man has disavowed his own anti-missionary writing!

Eli Birnbaum, who runs our Moishe Rosen Center (MRC) in Tel Aviv, reports, “We recently presented our fifth annual ‘India in the Eyes of the Traveler’ exhibition at the MRC. More than 300 visitors came to the center during the three-day gallery showing. Artists from all over Israel submitted their work, and we displayed more than 100 photographs from twenty different artists.

“I was especially encouraged to meet one of the photographers, Gil*, before the gallery opening. We found out that he had once written a guest post about us for an anti-missionary website. ‘So,’ we asked Gil, ‘What’s the deal? Are you against us?’

“Gil explained that the article had been a one-off that he had written as a freelance journalist. Since then, he has attended several of our events and changed his mind about us. He now realizes that he can have positive relationships with believers in Jesus.

“Thanks for all your prayers that allow us at the Rosen Center to have a positive impact on Jewish people. You are helping us to change people’s minds about Jesus, our faith and our community. For many people, this is what the journey to salvation looks like, and we are blessed to be a part of that.”


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