The Long Journey Home

The Long Journey Home

Sometimes it takes many years of faithful ministry before someone comes to faith in Jesus. So imagine the joy felt by Budapest missionary Kata Tar when she received a call from Anita,* a Jewish woman she had been ministering to for many years, saying that she had finally opened her heart to Jesus.

When we planted our Budapest branch of Jews for Jesus six years ago, Anita and her daughter Eszter* were the very first two people that Kata visited.

Ildiko leads Ezster, Anna, and Anita in a Bible study

Ildiko leads Ezster, Anna and Anita in a Bible study

That first visit ended with Eszter’s prayer to put her faith in Yeshua as her Messiah. Kata then began meeting with Eszter every week to study the Bible, but Anita would interject and interrupt their studies. Kata began asking God to provide a time when she could meet with Eszter privately, and this prayer was answered in an unexpected way – Ezster was sent to a mental hospital.

While Ezster was in the mental hospital, Kata and another one of our Hungarian staff, Ildiko, had great freedom to visit, pray and study the Scriptures with her. Eventually Ezster’s friend Anna* also came to faith, and a variety of patients in the hospital often joined the Bible studies.

Ildiko studies the Bible with Ezster

Ildiko studies the Bible with Ezster

As the years went by and Ezster’s mental state gradually improved, Anita began to join the studies as well. This time, instead of interrupting during the teaching, Anita just sat and listened.

Just a few weeks ago, when Ildiko was teaching her regular Bible study at the hospital, Anita spoke up and said she felt it was her time to invite Jesus into her heart! After praying a salvation prayer with Ildiko, the very next thing Anita did was call Kata. Kata was so blessed to hear that Anita’s long spiritual journey had finally led her to Jesus.

Even today, our staff around the world are visiting with Jewish people just like these Hungarian women, to share with them the truth about Messiah. Keep them in your prayers.

*Names are changed to protect privacy 

Kata (middle) when she first met Anita (left) and her daughter Ezster

Kata (middle) when she first met Anita (left) and her daughter Ezster


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