Karl deSouza from our Paris branch has been touring his old stomping grounds in Montreal, where he was invited to speak at a maximum security women’s prison. Karl says, “The chaplain mentioned to her friend, a Jewish inmate named Debra, that I was coming to present Christ in the Passover. Debra, who had a liberal Jewish upbringing, was intrigued and decided to come. I invited her to say the blessing over the candles during the presentation, which really meant a lot to her. After the presentation, the inmates (most of whom were Christians) had many questions. Debra waited to ask me her questions privately. She wanted a list of all the Bible verses I had shared. She was amazed by all the symbolism and said she wants to share all she learned with her family—and she hopes to learn more. Please pray for Debra to receive complete freedom and to have a relationship with God through her Messiah, Jesus.”