Salvation Story from Tour

Salvation Story from Tour

Melissa Weinisch (pictured here) is one of our next generation missionaries, and her mom and dad, Shoshannah and Stewart, are also missionaries on our staff. All three are out on speaking tours right now.

On March 22, Melissa Weinisch wrote to our staff from Idaho, “Hi friends. Tonight at my meeting I met a sweet older Jewish woman named Rachel. She came with a believing friend, and after my ‘Christ in the Passover’ presentation, she chatted with me at the resource table. She said she loved the presentation and it was so nice to see another Jewish person. After a few minutes, I finally asked her, ‘Do you believe Jesus is the Messiah?’ She responded, ‘Ehhhh.’ So tomorrow Rachel and I are going to get coffee and talk about Jesus! PRAY FOR RACHEL!”

And pray we did! Next day, Melissa reported,

“Rachel insisted we go have scones – which means something very different in Idaho (huge pastry the size of an entire plate, covered in whipped cream). Rachel then wanted to go back to her house because, ‘You can’t really know someone until you see where they live.’ When we got to her house, the conversation really started. After an hour or so of questions, Scripture and staring into the silence, Rachel invited Jesus into her heart. I said, ‘Rachel! Your life is new!!’ She grinned, ‘Yeah, now it’s His problem!’ She is a really sweet and sassy lady. Thankfully I’m in the area for most of the next two weeks, so we will be seeing a lot of each other! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL!

“After Rachel and I prayed, I asked if she wanted to tell somebody (just like my dad always has) and she said, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘Okay, let’s call my dad!’ NOW EARLIER I had called my dad and asked him to pray for Rachel and my time with her. He prayed with me and then went to the church where he was speaking. When he got to the part about explaining our ministry, he told everyone that his daughter was meeting with a 75-year-old Jewish woman at this very moment. He explained that when he prays with someone to receive the Lord, he asks them to call someone to tell them. SO, he told them he’d left his phone on, just in case he might get the call. (I did not know this until after the fact.) About ten minutes later his phone rang, he answered it, turned on the speaker and the whole room heard, ‘Hi Dad, this is my friend Rachel and she has something to tell you.’ Everyone in the room got to hear her announce her brand new faith!”

Please pray for Rachel’s faith to grow, and for Melissa, as she is able, to continue meeting with her over the next couple of weeks.

Names are changed to protect privacy.


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