Salvation in Jerusalem!

Salvation in Jerusalem!

These two salvation stories could not be more different, but they both show how God was setting up divine appointments.

We were so grateful to have people from several different churches come to Jerusalem to serve the people of the city in different ways. One of the men who came was German. He could not speak Hebrew or English, but he wanted to serve and show love for the people of Israel. Amazingly, during his time he “happened” to meet Sophia,* a Holocaust survivor—from Germany. Not only was this Christian brother from Germany able to share deeply with Sophia and explain the gospel, but Sophia responded in faith, and prayed to begin a new life with God through Jesus!

Another divine appointment occurred when someone from our Russian-speaking team met Dmitry.* Dmitry had moved to Israel from Moscow. It was there that he first heard the gospel during our Behold Your God Moscow campaign, more than a decade ago! It turns out that Dmitry had never forgotten that encounter and had often thought about Jesus. This time when he met our team in Jerusalem, he was ready to receive the good news and surrender his life to Jesus!

Please pray for this new sister and brother in the Lord, and for the other 56 who came to faith in Jesus last month in Jerusalem. More stories to come!

*Names changed to protect privacy


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