We could not publicize the actual dates of our month-long outreach in Jerusalem for security reasons. But we are so grateful to be able to report that the multifaceted outreach in Jerusalem is now complete!

With several teams reaching out to particular groups of people, we interacted with Russian-speaking Israelis, college students, homeless folks and those addicted to drugs, sports fans, art lovers, baby boomer ex-patriots… plus the most Orthodox of all Orthodox Jewish people and more! By the end of our outreach, our teams had 4,937 interactions about Jesus with Israelis in Jerusalem. Of those, 1,747 were hungry to know more about the Messiah and gave us their contact details. We have already had follow-up contact with nearly 700 of these people. Celebrate with us: 58 people have already committed their lives to Yeshua! 

We praise the Lord that a man who came to faith early in the campaign has already been baptized as a symbol of his faith in Messiah. Pray for him and all of those who’ve committed their lives to the Lord, that they would become life-long disciples.