Reaching Israelis in Berlin

Reaching Israelis in Berlin

Berlin branch leader Aaron Lewin reports, “I first met Yonni* at an evangelistic fellowship for Israelis, which we put on monthly in partnership with other local ministries. He came with his friend, who is a regular.

“Upon asking me what I do, Yonni was very surprised to hear that I work with Jews for Jesus. He knows us from America, where he lived for a short time several years ago. As Yonni and I talked over dinner, he expressed an interest in spiritual things. When I opened up about my own spiritual life, Yonni was very happy to interact because, as he put it, he doesn’t have many friends who are open to talking ‘philosophically.’

“Since Yonni was interested, we got together to continue the conversation. Like many people, he is wary of religion, having seen bad examples throughout his life. As I began to explain my relationship with God and the quality of life that we can have through Yeshua (Jesus), Yonni started to open up. I can see that he is curious and interested in Jesus. Please pray that we would continue meeting and that Yonni would find the stability he’s looking for in Yeshua rather than material things.”

*Names are changed to protect privacy.


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