Our Bible studies are PG18!

Our Bible studies are PG18!

Did you know that Jews for Jesus does not meet with people under the age of 18 without parental consent? (Okay, so that would make our Bible studies PC18, not PG18 – but PC sounds… well, you know.) Anyway, that has always been our policy out of respect for parents, many of whom have been falsely led to believe that missionaries are out to “steal their children’s souls.”

Some people whose parents don’t consent reach out to us after they turn 18, or we to them. But many do consent, such as this parent who was not threatened by her daughter’s belief in Jesus.

Melissa reports, “Hannah is Jewish and began following Yeshua (Jesus) through the witness of a friend. She has been attending the Messianic congregation where I also worship. Recently, Hannah asked me if we could meet regularly to study the Bible together. This prompted me to write to her mom:

‘Dear Barbara,

‘It is such a pleasure to have Hannah at our congregation each week. She has a tremendous amount of confidence for a 15-year-old.

‘I have an idea. Hannah has mentioned to me that she would like to learn more of the Bible, and I would be glad to study with her. Because of her age, I was thinking that perhaps I could come to your house after school one afternoon per week when you are home, and you could join with us in the study. In any event, I want you to be comfortable with me studying with Hannah.

‘I know it might be difficult to have a child who’s found faith that is not necessarily your own. That is why I thought it might be good to have you home and with us around the table as we study, so that you could ask questions, too. Please let me know what you think.

‘Yours, Melissa’

“Barbara replied,

‘Dear Melissa,

‘I want to thank you and everyone at the congregation who has welcomed my daughter with warmth. She loves going to temple so much.

‘As you know, I was brought up in a Conservative Jewish home with strong beliefs. Only recently have I began questioning. I think it would be great to have you come over to study with Hannah. I would love to sit in with you guys, because I have so much I need to learn. School starts in two weeks. I will know which afternoons will work for us when we get Hannah’s after-school activity schedule.

‘Thanks again, Barbara’

“How great is that? Please pray for Hannah to grow in her new faith and for her mom, Barbara, to find faith in Jesus as well!”

Names are changed to protect privacy.


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