Our presence in the public square is part of a bigger picture when we evangelize in Cape Town or anywhere else. These outreaches are a time for the body of Messiah to show what it means to be part of God’s family.

For example, Charles is a Jewish man who got to hear the gospel from campaign leader Aden at Sea Point. They had a good conversation and Aden invited Charles to join the team for Shabbat dinner. They met again a couple of days later at the same place; Charles had lost his Shabbat invitation and asked for another.

“I wasn’t sure if he would come since he had no car,” Aden said. “To my delight, Charles arrived for Shabbat and the whole team made him feel at home. He even made a speech after dinner, thanking everyone for the hospitality and sharing that he would forever be grateful for this night. He said he hadn’t felt the presence of family for many years. After the Shabbat drash (the brief discussion of the weekly Bible portion) I invited those who wanted to give their life to Yeshua to pray to receive Him. Praise the Lord, Charles did!”

Valerie, an elderly Jewish woman, came to the Shabbat dinner with a friend of our ministry who had been sharing the gospel with her for a while. She too responded after the drash and asked that we pray with her to receive Jesus. It’s so encouraging to join with brothers and sisters outside our ministry to see more Jewish people come to faith!

Similarly, Aden says, “We met a lovely couple while handing out gospel postcards at Camps Bay. They had come to faith in Messiah Yeshua two years ago in the United States. The wife had been praying for God to send someone to share the gospel with her Jewish stepfather and then she met us! We are putting together a gospel package for him. Her stepfather’s name is Alan; please pray for his salvation. The couple want to keep in touch with our ministry back in America to receive training for sharing the gospel with other Jewish people.”

All in all, during the ten-day outreach, 29 Jewish people who do not know Jesus gave us contact information to hear more about Him, and so did 35 Gentiles. Two Jewish people and four Gentiles prayed to receive Him. While literature distribution was not the primary focus of the campaign, the team handed out more than 12,000 pieces of gospel literature—as well as 1,000 gospel bracelets and hundreds of balloons.


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