Somewhere in Belarus... we have continued ministry that must remain “under the radar.” Igor Barbanel, director of our work throughout CIS, went to this undisclosed location along with four other staff and a co-laborer from Ukraine. There they were joined by one of our local staff and seven volunteers from a messianic congregation. Together, they all made an all-out effort to visit as many people as possible for 10 days in June.

The team was challenged by record-breaking heat, but persevered and engaged in conversations with 273 people. Twenty Jewish people we had not met before gave us their information to continue the conversation. And what a joy to report that 13 Jewish people and one who is not Jewish prayed to receive Jesus!

Igor says, “One of our volunteers, Andrew, is not Jewish but truly cares about our people. He has called and visited many at home. But he’d been discouraged and was about to give up because he’d encountered so many Jewish atheists. I was especially glad that Andrew was with me as we visited Mikhail.

“Mikhail was sociable and friendly. He has been to Israel many times and was very moved to visit the place where Yeshua was crucified. He had already been reading the Bible and praying. When I shared the good news with him, he agreed, saying he believed that Yeshua died for his sins and rose again from the dead.

“I invited Mikhail to confess his sins to God and ask for forgiveness and a new life with God through Yeshua. This he did out loud. I noticed a smile on his face when he had finished praying. Andrew was so encouraged and inspired to see that some Jewish people are open to the gospel message! He now wants to keep calling and visiting. Please pray for our staff and those who partner with us ‘somewhere in Belarus.’”

Names are changed to protect privacy.