Karol Joseph reports from South Florida, “I have opportunities to share my story at different events, and I always tell about my experience with food addiction because that’s my background. Jesus revealed Himself to me as I was working through a 12-step program. As part of that program, I prayed to God, ‘Show me your will for my life and give me the power to do it.’

“Some time ago I was sharing my story and after I had finished, Kayla rushed over to me to say, ‘I need to talk to you!’ She explained that she had never been to this group, and wasn’t sure why she had come that day. But after hearing my story she knew. Kayla is Jewish and her 30-something-year-old daughter had recently become a believer in Jesus.

“Kayla had many questions about Jesus, and after hearing me speak, she thought I could answer them. We talked briefly, exchanged contact information, and a week later she came to my home. Noticing some of the items in my living room she said, ‘Wow, I guess you really are Jewish.’ As we talked, I realized that Kayla was actually much closer to believing in Jesus than I had thought. She simply didn’t know how you could be Jewish and believe.

“I answered Kayla’s questions and we stayed in contact. She came to a Shabbat dinner in my home and she began attending church with me when I was in town. At the time, I was still living in New York for part of the year. While I was gone she continued to attend church and had occasional contact with one of my colleagues. I was so excited when she called to tell me that she had responded to an altar call at my church. I’ve been back in Florida full time now for some months. I sit with Kayla in church and help her navigate the Scriptures.

“Recently she asked me to say a blessing over her new car, which I did. I asked God to fill her car with His shalom and protect those riding in it. Kayla loved the prayer and decided to name her car 'Shalom.' Now she thinks of God and feels safe whenever she drives.

“Pray that God would continue to grow Kayla as she learns more about what it means to follow Yeshua.”