From Budapest, Kata Tar reports, “God’s work is teamwork! A colleague gave me the name and phone number of Paul, a Hungarian Christian brother who has been living in Geneva for 30 years. There he met Sara, a 100-year-old Hungarian Jewish woman who had been living in Geneva for 40 years. Paul had expressed Yeshua’s love for her and had read Isaiah 53 to her. She was amazed by the prophecy but not open to the gospel. Recently Sara moved back to Budapest, but the two of them kept in touch.

“When Paul decided to attend his class reunion in Budapest last spring, we made a plan to visit Sara together. Sara’s 77-year-old daughter Eileen was with her. Eileen was only two years old when Sara asked a Hungarian village woman to hide Eileen among her own children. That is how she survived the Holocaust. When her mother left for Geneva, Eileen remained in Hungary. Now that her mother has moved back to Budapest, Eileen looks after her.

“When Eileen heard that I am Jewish and believe in Jesus, she was intrigued. ‘Really?’ she asked, ‘Tell me how that happened!’ Eileen was drinking in my words while her mother kept interrupting. Each time Sara asked something to change the subject, I answered respectfully, but Eileen kept bringing me back to my story of salvation.

“Finally Paul began another conversation with Sara; they left the room and Eileen and I chatted briefly. Just as they returned I was writing down Eileen’s phone number. ‘I forbid you to meet my daughter!’ Sara announced authoritatively. I stayed calm and polite. ‘Dear Sara, your daughter is old enough to make her own decisions.’ Sara then insisted that Eileen tear up my phone number, which she promised to do. I don’t know if she did or not but I do know that I did not tear up her phone number. In fact, I texted, offering to continue the conversation if she were still interested.

“I understand that Sara wants to protect her daughter, but sadly her perceptions of how to do so are mistaken. Let us pray that Eileen will be able to think and decide for herself concerning her desire to hear more about Yeshua.”