The Lord wowed us in Jerusalem by creating divine appointments, protecting us, binding us together in unity, and laying groundwork for continuing our partnerships and efforts to reach Jerusalem for Jesus. Here are some of the things that amazed us; we hope you will enjoy seeing how God worked through your prayers and support.

German-speaking volunteer served silently until he "happened" to meet a Holocaust survivor

People from several churches joined us in Jerusalem to serve the people of Jerusalem in different ways. One such volunteer was German and could not speak Hebrew or English, but he came to serve and show love for the people of Israel. God saw to it that he “happened” to meet Sophia, a Holocaust survivor – from Germany. Our Christian brother from Germany connected with Sophia and explained the gospel. Sophia responded in faith, and prayed to begin a new life with God through Jesus!

How two sisters who survived the Holocaust found eternal life

Natalie reports: “At our lecture on the paintings of Marc Chagall, I met Neta, who had immigrated to Israel from Russia 25 years ago. We struck up a conversation and she gave me her phone number. A couple of days later, I visited Neta in her apartment. Her sister Roni, who lives with her, was present as well. They gave me a warm welcome. “Before long, they told me about their childhood – how, together with their mother, they had survived the Siege of Leningrad during World War II. After hearing about their horrific experience, I asked Neta and Roni if they still believed in God. Both affirmed that they did, and I began to talk to them further about the gospel and the forgiveness of sin through Messiah Yeshua. “The sisters were very surprised and acknowledged that they had not thought about it before, but they realized that they have sin in their lives. ‘Do you want to receive the love of God and the forgiveness of sins that is given through Jesus?’ I asked. They agreed, and prayed to receive Yeshua as their Messiah and Savior. After the prayer, Neta and Roni both described a great sense of relief in their hearts. I prayed for them, and we parted good friends.” Please pray that the Lord would help us connect Neta and Roni to a congregation of believers in Yeshua!

Another Holocaust survivor finds eternal life

As a follow-up from our Russian-speaking team, Igor Barbanel reports, “Tamara was one of more than 1,700 Jewish people who gave us their contact information during our Behold Your
God Jerusalem outreach. She had moved from Kiev to Jerusalem a long time ago. When we visited Tamara, at first she did not seem interested in talking. She was reserved, giving one-word answers to my questions. So I asked if she would like to question me, especially about spiritual matters. “At first she said, ‘I don’t have any spiritual questions,’ but then suddenly she began to tell us her story.

"Tamara was five years old when she and her mom escaped from the Nazis and their mass execution of Jewish people in a place called Babi Yar.* Tamara concluded by saying that she realizes that God saved her life and her mother’s. I chose that moment to share the good news of how God also wanted to save Tamara’s spiritual life. She heard the gospel and gladly repeated the sinner’s prayer after me! She then said, ‘God brought you to me!’ and told us that she wanted to read the Bible.”

A broken woman is delivered of her emotional pain and grief

Dmitry first heard the gospel during our Behold Your God Moscow campaign, more than a decade ago! He had since moved to Israel but had never forgotten that gospel message. This time when he met our team in Jerusalem, he was ready to receive the good news and surrender his life to Jesus! A 94-year-old woman named Yael was happy to talk with one of our evangelists, Gena Gelman. Though a stroke affected her speech, she answered Gena’s questions with brief words and simple gestures. Gena says, “When I asked Yael if she thought she was a sinner, she shrugged. So I read her the ten commandments, and before long she revealed that long ago she’d ended three pregnancies.

“Before me sat a woman broken, not only by physical limitations, but under a heavy burden of emotional pain and grief. ‘God knows and He is ready to forgive you,’ I told her, then shared the wonderful good news of forgiveness, hope and love available through Yeshua. Yael eagerly accepted the opportunity to repent and turn to the Lord. Though it was difficult, she was determined to pray aloud. When she finished, I could see a change in her face; it was the joy of experiencing God’s promise: ‘If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness’” (1 John 1:9).

Please pray for these and other new believers in Jerusalem to grow strong in their faith and be lifelong disciples of Jesus.

Names are changed to protect privacy.

*From September 29–30, 1941, the Nazis executed 33,000 Jewish people at Babi Yar Ravine. During their two-year occupation of Ukraine, the Nazis executed over 150,000 Jewish people – the entire Jewish population of Kiev and the surrounding region

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Enjoy these images from Behold Your God Jerusalem.

Baptism of new Jewish believer during Behold Your God Jerusalem.

Neta (who later prayed to receive the Lord) at our Chagall lecture/exhibit.

Elderly Israeli who prayed with one of our missionaries to receive the hope and love offered in Jesus.

Faces altered due to extreme pressure from the Haredi (fervently religious) community on us as well as anyone who chooses to engage with us.

An Orthodox Jewish viewer chatting with our evangelist/artist about his depiction of the prophet Jeremiah.

Conversations on campus while giving out stress relieving items to help students study.

A bench is as good a place as any to share the gospel.

A women’s tournament organized by our Sports Team.

Ministering to women at the Wailing Wall.