It’s encouraging to read how God has worked in other people’s lives, but is there a message for you as well? We hope your answer is yes!

For example, did you read Lisa’s story or watch her journey of faith video? Did you notice how she talked about the “parade of Christians” that were coming through her life before she was a believer?

The “parade of Christians” wasn’t well received by Lisa at the time that they tried talking to her about Jesus. But after she became a believer, this group of people became part of Lisa’s story.

Do you think that each person who ever spoke to Lisa about Jesus now knows that she is a believer? Most likely, some of them never knew her to be anything but resistant to their message.

Parades are a fun way to celebrate an important event. When you celebrate your faith by telling others about Jesus, whether or not they are Jewish, you might well become part of a “parade of Christians” in their lives. Named or unnamed, even if you are seemingly rejected, you can join the parade and become part of someone’s journey to faith.