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Test Your Yiddishkeit*


The Feast of Trumpets that David wrote about is commonly referred to as Rosh Hashanah which literally means:

a) Head of the Year

b) Head of the Class

c) Head of the Red Heifer

A traditional treat for this holiday is:

A) apples dipped in honey<

b) shrimp dipped in cocktail sauce

c) tired feet, dipped in a bucket of nice, warm water

Your Jewish friends will be delighted if you show your appreciation for this holiday by greeting them with the following traditional blessing:

a) Happy New Year. May your name be inscribed in the Book of Life.

b) Happy New Year. May you never read the Book of the Dead.

c) Happy New Year. May the bluebird of happiness devour all the worms of discontent from the garden of your life.

Answers: If you answered “a” for all three, congratulations on your knowledge of the Feast of Trumpets! If you didn’t . . . wow. Really?

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