September 2011 Newsletter (5772:1)

Fear Versus Concern
September 9, 2011
Topics: fear, satan
Author: Moishe Rosen

*Thanks to our readers who’ve requested that we continue to publish articles by Jews for Jesus founder Moishe Rosen. The following was originally printed in our Newsletter in 1986, fifteen years before the 911 attacks. Ten years after those attacks, these words still ring true. During the dark days of World War II the free…

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Rosh Hashanah
September 8, 2011

Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) begins at sundown Sept 28. However you will not find Rosh Hashanah in the Bible, because there the holiday is referred to as the Feast of Trumpets, or Yom Teruah (pronounced “true-ah”). A couple of years ago, our executive director David Brickner wrote: … Despite the name change [from…

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Back to School
September 6, 2011

Rob Wertheim is 53 years old and he’s going back to school this month. He’s not pursuing another degreeā€”he already has a master of music in viola performance from the Manhattan School of Music, as well as a master’s degree in missiology with an emphasis on Jewish studies from Fuller Seminary’s School of World Mission….

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Bits from the Branches
September 5, 2011

Los Angeles Cyril Gordon reports: “Venice Beach is a popular attraction in Southern California and it draws a lot of Israelis. It’s not Disneyland, but it can be a happy place for missionary outreach! The LA Branch of Jews for Jesus has had a regular presence there for the past ten years. At Jhan Moskowitz’s…

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Announcements and Prayer Request
September 4, 2011

Prayer Prompters Please pray for: God’s blessings on our campus ministries throughout the world, that He will use our staff and volunteers to move students to find salvation in Jesus God’s power in the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services taking place throughout our branches and outposts, that many Jewish seekers will hear and respond…

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