New York

Stewart Weinisch reports, Harold was one of the first people I called as a missionary with Jews for Jesus. His Christian wife, Denise, answered the phone and saw from the caller ID that I was from Jews for Jesus. When I asked to speak to Harold she replied, ‘He doesn’t want to speak with you. He is hostile towards Jesus.’

“‘That’s alright,’ I said, ‘I would like to speak with him anyway.’ Denise said she’d pray about me speaking with Harold in the future and leave it in God’s hands.

“A week later, I had my first phone contact with Harold. As predicted, he was annoyed. I told him, ‘I’ll call you again next week.’ He didn’t object so I called the following week. Harold wasn’t available. I continued calling each week until I reached him. It wasn’t much of a conversation. I introduced myself and said, ‘I would like to have a conversation with you.’ His surprising response was, ‘That would be good.’ We set up a time to talk.

“When Harold and I finally did talk, it became apparent that he was seeking truth. I shared God’s promise from Jeremiah 29:13 ‘And you will seek me, and find me, when you search for Me with all your heart.’ I challenged Harold to make this verse a personal prayer.

“As I met with Harold in the following weeks, he was seeing answers to his questions from the Scriptures. By the time I shared the gospel with him, he was ready to receive Jesus. After we prayed I asked him to explain what he just did. With great confidence Harold announced, ‘I received Jesus as Messiah and He took my sins away.’ I told Harold it was important to tell somebody about this and he wanted to tell his wife. I was thrilled. Over the next few weeks Harold also told each of his four children. All were ecstatic; they had all been praying for him.

“I continue to speak with Harold weekly. He is always excited and I sense God’s power and presence upon him. The goodness of God has filled this household.”

Los Angeles

Holly Meyer reports, “In May of 2009, Leslie left a phone message with our Jews for Jesus office in Los Angeles. When I returned her call I was delighted to hear that she was very open to hearing more about Yeshua. At that point, Leslie was discouraged about various problems, but amidst her troubles she’d been tuning in to Christian T.V. programs almost daily. She had not yet embraced Jesus as her Messiah, but she clung to every word she heard.

“I offered to pray for several needs that she mentioned. The next day Leslie called me with tears of joy. An hour after we prayed for her back, the pain left. I explained that there is power in the name of Yeshua (Jesus) and that He answered our prayer.

“I suggested that we meet in person, but Leslie didn’t know how to fit that into her schedule. We kept in touch by phone and e-mail several times a week. Over time she acknowledged that she was a sinner and was being drawn to Yeshua, but wasn’t yet ready to fully entrust her life to Him.

I invited Leslie over for Shabbat dinner a number of times and finally, she came! It was so nice to speak face to face. Afterwards, she came with us to our Messianic congregation. Leslie liked parts of the service but didn’t agree with everything she heard.

We continued our phone conversations about Jesus, always ending with prayer. Then Leslie called to tell me about a dream she’d had: Jesus was speaking calmly to her as she was getting a blood transfusion. All of her bad blood was being replaced by Jesus’ perfect blood. I explained to Leslie that though she understood intellectually who Jesus was, she still needed to receive what He had done for her. His blood atoned for our sins and when we receive him into our heart we are cleansed: out with the old and in with the new! With that Leslie was ready to profess Yeshua as her Messiah, confess her sins to God and be cleansed. She was so happy and so was I. I’m also happy to say that Leslie reads her Bible and continues to grow in her young faith. Please keep her in prayer.