September 2010 Newsletter (5771:1)

It’s Our Anniversary!
September 1, 2010

  When people ask us when Jews for Jesus began, we always like to say, Around 32 A.D. give or take a year.” After all, the first Jews for Jesus were His twelve disciples. But that doesn’t mean we are not mindful and thankful that God drew us together as a...

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The Middle of Somewhere

Excerpts from Moishe Rosen’s new, yet to be published, biography.

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Sneak Preview

Excerpted from the Moishe Rosen biography. Another Yom Kippur had passed; the light of the crisp autumn day had given way to the chill of a dark, clear night. Elsewhere families had broken their fast together, but Moishe had gone straight from synagogue services to...

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Bits from the Branches

New York Stewart Weinisch reports, Harold was one of the first people I called as a missionary with Jews for Jesus. His Christian wife, Denise, answered the phone and saw from the caller ID that I was from Jews for Jesus. When I asked to speak to Harold she replied,...

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A Holiday Reflection: New Beginnings

Why celebrate new beginnings? They create a sense of wonder and anticipation of what might be. New beginnings are promising; they give us something to look forward to. Yet they also help us reflect on the past, to thank God for the goodness we have experienced by His...

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