Jhan Moskowitz reports, The strangest thing happened in the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel as I was on my way to Manhattan. A car caught on fire right in the middle of the tunnel. Rush hour traffic came to a halt as we all waited for the fire department. I offered the Orthodox Jewish man whose car was on fire a ride into the city, which he gladly accepted.

“Between waiting for the traffic to clear and the actual drive into the city, we spent an hour and a half together. I found out that Chaim (not his real name) came from the same Hungarian town where my mother was born, and we really connected. Imagine his surprise to find out that I was a nice Jewish boy who loved Jesus.

“The next week he called and wanted to take me to lunch as a way of thanking me. I told him it was not necessary, but he insisted, and so began what appears to be a real friendship. Pray for Chaim, that God will bless our friendship and give me more opportunities to tell him about my rabbi, Jesus.”

Melissa Moskowitz reports, “About 42 people gathered in our home recently for a Shabbat dinner. Among our guests were three Jewish seekers, brought by Moti, an Israeli we recently prayed with to receive the Lord. I spoke at length with one of his friends, another Israeli named Elishava. She told me how she had traveled in India when she got out of the army, looking for answers. [ed: our Massah program, now in its third year, was designed to reach out to these trekkers]. I was impressed that Elishava and the others were willing to come share Shabbat with us, knowing they would find a whole houseful of Jewish people who believe in Jesus.

Included in the group were six ‘Massah-niks’ who were headed for Israel.  Abbie Zaretsky explained how she and the others would be touring Israel and India, sharing their lives and faith with each other and with the seekers they would meet. I prayed for the six participants who were present.  Afterwards, Moti’s Israeli friend David remarked to him, ‘She prayed such a prayer… and with no siddur‘ [prayer book.] Please pray for God to touch Moti’s friends, that they will come to faith also.”


Michael Sischy reports, “A Jewish believer who attended our Passover banquet decided to visit our Friday night Shabbat Service at Congregation Beit Yeshua. She also brought along her Mom, Ruth, who does not yet know Jesus.

“I preached that night on Jeremiah, where we see that only God can heal and save us. I went to see Ruth after the service and asked her what she thought of the message and what she herself believed. She explained that she had been a Christian Scientist since 1959 (she is Jewish by birth) and that they are slowly healing the world. I asked what she thought about God’s message to Israel through Jeremiah, that only He can heal us and save us? She remarked that it was very interesting and she needs to think about it. I reiterated that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah who wants to heal our relationship with God. Please pray that Ruth would come to true healing and salvation through her Jewish Messiah.”


Karl Desouza reports, “A Jewish man named Peter emailed our office asking for more information. I called and discovered that he was very open to the gospel. When we met in person a few weeks later, I discovered that he had been seeking for several years and had been attending an inner-city church and a Bible study on a fairly regular basis.  But he had not yet come to the point where he could say he fully believed in Jesus. He was confused about the implications for him as a Jew.

“Peter said he was not ready to continue meeting with me on a regular basis, but we kept in touch over the phone. Eventually we visited again, and once more I presented the gospel. When I asked if he was ready to pray to receive Yeshua as his Lord and Savior, he said yes!  We are now embarking on a series of discipleship visits. Please pray that the Lord will strengthen Peter in his faith and that he will feel the presence of God’s Spirit instructing and guiding him.”