Intelligence is knowing; wisdom is knowing how to apply what you know, and applying it properly. We have too many people who are educated and yet are not wise. This is one reason we (Jews for Jesus) continue to emphasize training and not just education. Education is only a part of training. Training is teaching people how to use what they know."

"We’ve got all the right answers, but we didn’t hear the question. The right answer to the wrong question is worse than no answer at all."

"If you want to teach people not to listen to you, state the obvious over and over again."

"When you see people going through prayerlessness, don’t admonish them to pray for an hour. Admonish them to pray for a moment. When you see people going without scripture, don’t tell them to read the whole Bible through in a year. Get them to read a chapter. This is the model of God himself. ‘Oh taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him’ (Psalm 34:8). You have to have a taste before you have a feast."

"Every moment we should be conscious of the person of the Almighty: His will, His way and how what we’re doing at a given moment fits into an eternal program of redemption and reconciliation. The worship of God is not a distraction from life. It is the focus upon the Source of life. It is seeing the world refracted through its Creator. But when we talk about seeing God, or seeing the world or ourselves through God, we must confess that we see through a glass darkly."

"Anyone who is honestly and honorably engaged in Jewish evangelism is our friend. Whether or not they have discovered that we are their friends is irrelevant."

*Excerpts from previous musings


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