Yuliya Hennenberg reports, "Lyudmila is a ‘good Jewish girl’ who believes in God but doesn’t recognize Jesus as Messiah. I visit her occasionally and when she invited me to meet her fiancT, who is also Jewish, I gladly agreed.

"Lyudmila described me to her fiancT, Stiven, as being ‘like a rabbi’ to her, which surprised us both. I explained that while Lyudmila and I have different opinions, we both believe in God and read the Jewish Scriptures. When he asked about our differences, it was the perfect opportunity to say that I believe Jesus is the promised Jewish Messiah. It turned out that Stiven is from England and had seen Jews for Jesus there.

"When I asked what he thought about Jesus, he replied that Jesus was a great rabbi.

"’If you believe Jesus was a great rabbi,’ I said, ‘have you read His teachings? Every great rabbi leaves his teachings and disciples to spread his message. Jesus’ teachings are in the New Testament.’ Stiven confessed he hadn’t read the New Testament and though he tried to appear uninterested, he continued to ask questions.

"Please pray for this couple’s salvation. If they stay here, I hope to continue ministering to them. If they move to England, may the Lord send them a patient missionary to bring them the gospel!"


Richard Muller reports, "I confess I had low expectations for ministry opportunities as I headed off to a very small, secular retirement home outside of Toronto. I’d been invited to present ‘Christ in the Passover’ there. But as I spoke with the activities director beforehand, David, a Jewish resident, introduced himself to me, commenting that I was nicely attired. I invited him to join us for the presentation, and he replied that he was happy to ‘stay the way he was.’ Nevertheless, he joined us five minutes into the meeting! Afterward, I asked if I could come back to visit and continue our discussion. He agreed, and when I returned we had an excellent conversation! Although David does not want to believe Jesus is the Messiah, he is willing to receive a Bible and meet again.

"Despite my small expectations, God provided a big opportunity to offer living water and the light of life to a fellow Jew. He is an awesome God!"


Victoria Negrimovskaya reports, "While I was on a sortie, a Jewish woman stopped and exclaimed, ‘Are you Jews for Jesus? I know you from Odessa, but our rabbi forbids us to talk to you. Still, I’ve received your literature. Do many Jewish people come to your meetings?’ Shura barely paused for breath.

"As she was dictating her address to receive more information, a tea and coffee vendor came to us. Tsitseliya was Jewish, too, and became very interested in what she could receive. She waited patiently as I wrote down Shura’s address. ‘What would happen if our rabbi found out that I gave my address to Jews for Jesus?’ Shura laughed and winked at Tsitseliya, who also gave her address. As we spoke I found out that Tsitseliya already believes that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel! Please pray for further ministry to her, and for Shura’s salvation."

Tatyana Bolotova reports, "I was handing out tracts. The sortie passed without any special encounter; I tried engaging passersby, but they ran past me. What could I do? Pray and wait for a miracle.

"An elderly woman, not Jewish, approached and began talking to me. Ganna was in her 80s, and she enjoyed reading our tracts because, she said, they helped her to know about God. She didn’t have a New Testament, so I offered to send her one. Ganna gave me her contact info, including directions in case I should want to visit her. She was about to leave, but the Lord prompted me to ask if she had invited Jesus into her heart. ‘You better not tell me about this,’ she said, ‘because for some reason it makes me want to cry,’ ‘Dear soul,’ I responded, ‘do not leave, but settle this important matter.’

"Between passersby, the sinner’s prayer sounded, along with abundant tears of an aged woman. Praise the Lord! Ganna thanked God and me, rejoicing that she had become His child. Please pray God will watch over Ganna."