September 2006 Newsletter (5767:1)

Media Make Much of Jews Believing in Jesus
September 1, 2006
Author: Susan Perlman

Jews for Jesus and “the media” have a long history. We first put up handbills on the kiosks of San Francisco State University and the University of California Berkeley using the slogan “Jews for Jesus.” The national press confused the number of posters with the number...

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An Intern from Ithaca Reflects on Missionary Work in NYC
Author: Seth Richards

“When I walk around the littered city streets I try to adopt the distant urban stare of the natives, but it’s probably pretty obvious that I’m fresh out of the country. I like telling people that where I’m from, the tallest buildings are silos, and they usually ask,...

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Jews, Jesus and Jersey
Author: Seth Richards

Campaign leaders Josh Sofaer,Garrett Smith and Tuvya Zaretsky Campaign leader Josh Sofaer can tell you that reaching people in the suburbs is a whole lot different than city street campaigns. “It’s not that there are no people . . . they are just all in their cars!”...

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Campaigning in the BYG Apple
Author: Sid Rothstein

Campaign leaders Dan Sered and Greg Savitt Ask Manhattan campaigner Sharon Turnil her favorite place to hand out broadsides and she’ll tell you “Bryant Park, because people are relaxed and willing to talk.” (Or as Michelle, who also favors Bryant Park put it, “People...

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All the Way from Russia
Author: Rachel Soren

Team leaders Leonid Vasserman and Gregory Furman Gregory Furman and Elizabeth T. are both from the former Soviet Union, but have been part of the regular team of Jews for Jesus in New York for some time. This summer however, they were joined by 27 brothers and sisters...

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Long Island Campaign . . . Jewish Dentist Meets the Great Physician
Author: Anne Elfbaum

One thing we hear on the streets and see in the Jewish newspapers is “Jews for Jesus is deceptive. They are not Jewish, their founder is a Baptist and Jews for Jesus was founded and continues to be backed by Baptists.” Geoff Robinson, one of our favorite Gentiles for Jesus, asked Moishe to comment on this. Here is what he said:

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A Steward for all Seasons
Author: Ruth Rosen

Reggie Douglas is not happy that this was the final Behold Your God campaign. It is barely an exaggeration to say he has made a career out of these witnessing campaigns: beginning with the first BYG campaign in San Francisco in 2001, he’s participated in 15 Jews for...

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