Do you know the difference between:

a. kibbutz
b. kibbitz
c. kibletz

Kibbutz: (noun, rhymes with your foot’s—as in, Your foot’s in your mouth”) a cooperative in Israel, where people live and work in community

Kibbitz: (verb, rhymes with tidbits) to chat or schmooze

Kibletz: to our knowledge, this is not a word. Although if you wanted to invent a Jewish pet food for talkative or communally-minded dogs, it might appeal as a brand name.

Now what’s the point in this? In last month’s “Test Your Yiddishkeit,” the editor told you something about “kibbutzing” when she really meant kibbitzing. All this fuss over a misspelled word? So maybe it makes it a little less embarrassing for me, and a little more entertaining for you. Plus it gave me an excuse to show you a drawing of my dog, Annie.