Are you currently in ministry among Jewish people or thinking about applying as a mission worker? Do you work for a church or serve as a volunteer in an area with a high concentration of Jewish people? Are you hoping to gain some expertise on witnessing to Jewish people to share with your congregation? Are you finishing a career, thinking of retirement, and wanting to continue learning and making yourself available to serve the Lord—perhaps among Jewish people? Then the following opportunity might just be perfect for you.

The Jews for Jesus ministry is delighted to announce a unique partnership with Western Seminary’s San Jose campus to offer the Master of Arts degree specialized in Jewish Ministry. This program is designed for anyone engaged in, or desiring preparation for, vocational ministry among Jewish people. The flexible course design is especially good for students who would benefit from distance learning opportunities, as well as a modular in-residence course format. The curriculum will provide specialized, graduate level, theological, biblical, anthropological and intercultural studies in the specialized field of Jewish ministry.

Students have the opportunity to take a sequence of courses to build their understanding of Bible and theology. The additional core courses are strategically designed for specialization in Jewish ministry.

Sixty (60) units are required to fulfill the MA specialized in Jewish Ministry. Students who have been engaged in at least half-time ministry for one year prior to enrollment are eligible for the in-ministry option, where residential courses are offered on a more flexible schedule with other students in the same specialized program. Classes are held at Western’s San Jose campus or in facilities near the Jews for Jesus headquarters in San Francisco. Nearly half of the courses are available in the distance learning format using digitized materials in the home, and interaction with an instructor via correspondence.

Coursework is fully integrative for anyone who desires to go on to complete a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree (90 units). Students desiring only the Bible, theology and Jewish Ministry courses may complete a Graduate Studies Diploma (30 units). A Graduate Studies Certificate is offered for anyone interested in the Jewish Ministry courses alone (16 units to complete).

The best of Jews for Jesus scholarship and field experience will be incorporated into the Jewish Ministry course curriculum. Our senior staff will contribute to the design and delivery of that aspect of course material.

For more information or to enroll, e-mail, write or phone Western Seminary, go to:
Western Seminary
16330 Los Gatos Blvd., Suite 100
Los Gatos, CA 95032-4520
Phone: 408-356-6889 or 877-900-6889

To enroll with the Jews for Jesus in-ministry study group, contact Tuvya Zaretsky, director for staff development:
c/o Jews for Jesus
10962 Le Conte Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
310-443-9553 or