September 2005 Newsletter (5766:1)

Always Learning
September 1, 2005

Summer is over and it’s back-to-school time here in America. That reality settles over many students like a heavy bank of fog. The fun and freedom of summer months give way to the discipline of study and attending classes. Our family’s back-to-school ritual goes something like this: I try to encourage my kids that going […]

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Test Your Yiddishkeit*

(*Jewishness) Do you know the difference between: a. kibbutz b. kibbitz c. kibletz Kibbutz: (noun, rhymes with your foot’s—as in, Your foot’s in your mouth”) a cooperative in Israel, where people live and work in community Kibbitz: (verb, rhymes with tidbits) to chat or schmooze Kibletz: to our knowledge, this is not a word. Although […]

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You Think You Know…
Author: Ruth Rosen

You think you know, that you’ve heard it all. But can you imagine a supposedly Christian man using an endearing tone of voice to refer to his Jewish girlfriend as my little Christ-killer”? You’re horrified, of course. Who wouldn’t be? I certainly was as my friend Naomi (not her real name) related her story over […]

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Back to School

Are you currently in ministry among Jewish people or thinking about applying as a mission worker? Do you work for a church or serve as a volunteer in an area with a high concentration of Jewish people? Are you hoping to gain some expertise on witnessing to Jewish people to share with your congregation? Are […]

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Moishe’s Musings (Two for the Price of One)
Author: Moishe Rosen

A friend wanted help answering her son, who says that Jesus died for everyone, so all will be saved whether or not they receive Him in this life. He points out that some people have never heard about Jesus and asks, Are they going to hell because they didn’t hear? What kind of a God […]

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The BYG* Pic

*Behold Your God. Behold Your God is our plan to reach every city outside of Israel where there are 25,000 or more Jewish people. (We also have an outreach in Israel.) September is a BIG, BYG month, with campaigns in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Montreal. Pittsburgh is home to over 50,000 Jewish people. We’ll be distributing […]

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Bits from the Branches

Sydney Mark Landrum reports, It had begun to rain toward the end of a session of passing out broadsides (tracts) in Martin Place in Sydney’s downtown area. It was rush hour and starting to get dark. I moved under an overhang to continue. Soon I was down to my very last broadside and I gave […]

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