September 2003 Newsletter (5764:1)

Forthright Friendship
September 1, 2003

I became sick and tired of always having to view people as targets for evangelism. That’s a way of looking at the world that I just don’t care to live by anymore.” This statement deeply saddened me as it came from a former Jews for Jesus missionary....

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The BYG Pic

Remember that the Rio de Janeiro and Toronto Behold Your God campaigns are still going on, and training for Behold Your God Paris begins at the end of the month. More about Paris next month (along with Dallas)!

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Thanks for Helping Us Celebrate 30 Years of Ministry!

In the spring we invited those of you who wanted to help with our 30th year anniversary to write your thoughts. Thanks to all who wrote letters, though we could only print a few. We feel these letters represent the quality of our friends as much as they reflect any...

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A Message from Moishe on the Occasion of Jews for Jesus 30th Year Anniversary
Author: Moishe Rosen

The following is an open letter that our founder wrote to all those who have at one time been part of the Jews for Jesus ministry. It also appears on our web site. Dear friends and fellow laborers with Jews for Jesus: It hardly seems possible that we are celebrating...

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Autumn Feasts

FEAST Yom Truah, the Day of Trumpets, also known as Rosh Hashanah, Head of the Year. SEASON Fixed date on the Hebrew calendar is the first of Tishrei. This year, it falls on September 27 (officially at sundown September 26). TEMPORAL SIGNIFICANCE FOR ISRAEL UNDER THE...

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