Because of the lead time” needed to print the newsletter, we can’t tell you some of the Behold Your God details as soon as they are reported. We’ll try to catch you up on some of the highlights, as well as follow-up reports, with BYG Bits.

San Francisco

It was Sunday, the last day of the San Francisco BYG campaign. Our final sortie (tract passing expedition) was the annual Bay to Breakers footrace.

We have been handing out tracts at this Bay Area event for years (this year 17,000 broadsides were distributed), but this time we added something new: “Jews for Jesus free foot massages for the fully clothed,” * read our colorful poster. “God cares for your soles!”

* Many people come to the race in various costumes and some are scantily clad or not clad at all. People enjoyed the sign and it also seemed to prevent potentially inappropriate situations.

Ruth Rosen and Shirley Itani had conspired to add this new element to the Bay to Breakers sortie and it was pretty radical. One of the campaign stewards (also named Ruth) joined them. All three explained to each “client” that they were there to extend the love and care of Jesus, who cared for their souls, inside and out.

People lined up for the foot rubs. Even those who were initially skeptical (“Do I have to convert to get a foot massage?”) seemed genuinely touched (no pun intended) by the care they received. The three massagers were also moved by the opportunity. Ruth Rosen said, “Caring for people’s dirty, sweaty feet after the race was different from any ceremonial foot washing I’ve ever done. It made me realize how amazing God’s care for us truly is. Giving that kind of comfort and acceptance to strangers and doing it because God loves them so much was an amazing experience.” Ruth Fox (the steward) actually prayed with one person to receive the Lord!

Hannah Neufeld reports, “Following up from BYG, I had a visit with a Jewish woman named Luda. We met on a park bench in front of her office. As I was sharing the gospel, a man smoking a cigarette sat down on the other side of me. The wind was blowing the smoke in my direction and I was tempted to ask him to move to another bench. I knew, however, that he was listening to our conversation, and I did not want to discourage him. My visit with Luda went well and she left agreeing to meet again.

“Once Luda was gone, the smoker, a non-Jew named Jovani, engaged me in conversation. It turns out his family back East has been telling him he needs to be born again. I shared the gospel with him and Jovani prayed to receive Jesus. I asked him if he was certain about what he prayed and he asked to pray the prayer again. After the second time, he said, ‘Yes, I really meant it.’ Please pray for Luda’s salvation and that Jovani will grow in the Lord.”

St. Petersburg

Arina Kochanova reports, “A young girl asked me for a broadside and when I asked her about Jesus she lifted her hands up and cried, ‘He is the Lord!’ When I asked which congregation she attends, she answered that she was from an Orthodox Jewish family. Three months ago she repented and accepted Jesus into her heart. She began to seek other Jews who recognized Jesus and somebody told her about Jews for Jesus. But she did not know where to find us. So she was thrilled to meet us during the Behold Your God outreach! Her name is Elisabeth and she is 18. Please, pray for her spiritual growth, that she will come to our Shabbat service, and that God would help and bless her in her witness to her family.”


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