Jonathan Bernd reports, Alex is a young Israeli who noticed our shop while visiting London with his parents years ago. Upon returning to live in the UK, he decided to find out more. I began meeting with Alex and discovered that he ‘believed’ in Jesus, yet struggled with believing He is the Son of God. One week when I was not available he met with Asher Avramovsky, who gave him our booklet on the Trinity. Soon after, Alex called to tell me he’d read the booklet and had concluded that Jesus was God, and that He had died for Alex’s sins. He prayed with me over the phone to receive Jesus and before we hung up he said, ‘I think this is a new day.’ Please pray for Alex to continue to grow in his faith.”


Miriam Abramov reports, “Clara called to tell us that she was very interested in Jesus. She had read the New Testament when she was 14 and believed He was the Messiah, but when she tried to explain this to her Jewish friends they told her it could not be true. She never lost interest, and even attended church occasionally. Still, Clara felt confused and uncertain about her belief. When she heard there were Jews for Jesus in Israel, she just had to talk to us. We pointed out some Bible prophecies, explained the gospel and what it means to respond in faith to God’s offer of salvation. Clara prayed with us to receive Yeshua and is already testifying that Jesus is changing her life.”

Samuel Legesse (our Ethiopian Jewish outreach worker) was visiting Israel when he met an Ethiopian Jewish woman named Aviva. Samuel reports, “As our visit drew to a close, the Lord put some things on my heart to pray for her. As we prayed, Aviva began to cry. She said that I was praying about all about her secrets. The next day I called her from Ben Gurion airport to say goodbye. She told me that she wanted to receive Jesus, and she prayed with me on the phone from the airport. Pray for Aviva, as she had already been experiencing some discrimination for attending Christian meetings even before she was a believer.”


Asfaw Abraham, an Ethiopian Jewish believer who has been helping us in Addis Ababa, reports, “A young Jewish man approached me as I was handing out tracts and said, ‘Please, I am waiting my fax from Israel. Do you have any news about our fax?* I came from Gonder and am here to go to Israel. Look, I am waiting for the fax all my life—I have nothing else here.’ I told him that Yeshua is more important than anything, including his hope in ‘the fax.’ I gave him our broadside which talks about that very subject. Please pray God will use the words I spoke to touch his heart.” (*Many Ethiopian Jews wait for months and even years to receive a fax saying that they have been approved to move to Israel.)

New York

Brazilian trainee Sergio Danon reports, “I accompanied David Mishkin as he went to speak at a Brazilian church in New Jersey. After the service, a Jewish woman named Berenice was eager to talk with us. She grew up in a Jewish Brazilian family but was not finding answers to her spiritual questions in Judaism, so she began searching elsewhere. David and I discussed the gospel with Berenice and she agreed to read the New Testament on her own. Please pray for our future ministry to Berenice, as well as for her husband Ricardo (who is a Christian) and their three children.”

Aaron Abramson reports, “Before my ‘Christ in the Passover’ presentation, a church member introduced me to her Jewish friend, Barbara. Barbara seemed a bit uncomfortable, yet she was open. After we talked a bit, she prayed with me to receive Yeshua! Following the presentation, another Jewish woman, Heidi, approached me to say that she was seriously considering Jesus. I gave her our Questions and Answers booklet and she gave me her address and phone number. Soon after the meeting, Karol Joseph called Heidi and prayed with her to receive the Lord! Praise God!”