September 2001 Newsletter (5762:1)

Holy Land, Holy God
September 1, 2001

Take a drive through the countryside in the next few weeks and you may just hear the beautiful strains of God-inspired music. It is the music of the harvest. Tall stalks of golden wheat sway gently in the wind, then fall to the steady chop and hum of the harvesters....

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It’s a Great Time to Visit Israel
Author: Jim Congdon

There has never been a better time for Christians to tour Israel. That’s right. I just returned from three weeks in Israel with 25 believers from our fellowship—Topeka Bible Church (a fervent supporter of Jews for Jesus since its early days). But what about the...

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Next Month: Johannesburg! The BYG Pic

Next month we will have our Behold Your God outreach in Johannesburg, South Africa, where approximately 65,000 Jewish people reside. The majority of South Africa’s Jewish population is of Lithuanian origin. They began arriving at the end of the 19th century. The...

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BYG Bits

Because of the lead time” needed to print the newsletter, we can’t tell you some of the Behold Your God details as soon as they are reported. We’ll try to catch you up on some of the highlights, as well as follow-up reports, with BYG Bits. San...

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A Jewish Prayer for Forgiveness? Avinu Malkenu

If you tell a Jewish friend about being saved from sin,” don’t be surprised if he or she does not seem overly concerned. Many equate sin with crimes committed by “America’s Most Wanted.” Most presume that all God really expects of us is...

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Chag Sameach
Author: Moishe Rosen

Jews for Jesus are often confronted with the question, How do you observe Rosh Hashanah,” or “How do you observe Yom Kippur,” or “How do you observe the Sabbath?” My answer shocks some people: We don’t observe these days and neither...

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Bits from the Branches

London Jonathan Bernd reports, Alex is a young Israeli who noticed our shop while visiting London with his parents years ago. Upon returning to live in the UK, he decided to find out more. I began meeting with Alex and discovered that he ‘believed’ in...

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