You know, we could have found a less controversial name for our mission than Jews for Jesus.” But lifting up the name of Jesus is really what we are all about. And finding kindred spirits who feel the same way is so encouraging that I wanted to pass this along to you.

I was heading east on Highway 70 on my way from Bridgeton, Missouri to Chicago. Before I reached St. Louis, somewhere near the airport, I saw a billboard. Letters so big they filled up that whole billboard formed just one word, one Name—Jesus. There was nothing else, not even the name of any sponsoring agency. If any of you are familiar with that part of Highway 70 and if you happen to know who put up the name of Jesus for all to see, please convey a word of thanks from me.

Here is what I would like to tell that person, church or group. Some people would accuse you of consummate bad taste, of wearing your religion on your sleeve. Others would even say that your billboard is forcing your religion upon them—but from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you. I want to thank you because I know that Jesus is the only Name by which men and women might be saved. I want to thank you because I know that in the Name of Jesus, people are healed, helped and have God’s provision for all their needs.…

Maybe because I am a Jew for Jesus, I would have put up the Name Yeshua, but you did it the right way because everybody in Missouri knows who Jesus is. And though they might make jokes about His Name and even use it as a swear word, we know the power and the beauty of that Name. And when I saw that Name on your billboard, it gave me such a lift. That’s how it is for those of us who know Jesus. When we see His name lifted up, it lifts our spirits as well.

As people drive down the highway, most do not want to know that God has a claim on their lives. They do not want to be bothered to think about serious things like sin and salvation, life and death, or why we exist. Maybe some would be angry at you for making the Name of Jesus so unavoidable. Still there are a few of us—actually too few—who know the Lord and love that Name. We are cheered, encouraged and reminded of the meaning of this life and the life to come whenever we see the Name of Jesus. And somehow, somewhere, someone who doesn’t know who Jesus is, is thinking about Him now because of your billboard. Maybe there are several such people, even dozens, or who knows…hundreds. You will probably never know about them until we all meet in heaven. So I have one thing to say to whomever it was that put up that sign on behalf of those of us who love Him and those who are now considering Him after seeing what you did. Thank you—in Jesus’ Name.


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