From Odessa, outreach worker Valery Bolotov reports, When I dropped in to visit Boris, his son Yaroslav answered the door and told me that his parents had moved to Germany. We talked briefly and as I told him the gospel, I sensed God’s Spirit was touching his heart. I invited Boris to pray to receive salvation in Yeshua and he did! Please pray that God would grow him up in the faith!”

Also from Odessa, outreach worker Emma Anatoly reports, “I was doing a sortie at the University Metro Station when a 72-year-old woman named Antonina began telling me about her mother who was ‘also a believer.’ Antonina knew that her mother had prayed for her for many years and she seemed to be saying that she was finally ready to accept Jesus. I offered to lead her in a prayer of salvation and she joyfully accepted. Oh, that Antonina’s mother could see the fruit of her labors—the harvest has come at last! Please pray for Antonina’s growth in the Lord.”

From New York, outreach worker Aaron Abramson reports, “Shlomis, a young Lubavitch (ultra-Orthodox) woman, was furious when she saw Amer and me handing out tracts—she could barely stand being in our presence. But surprisingly, she stayed long enough to hear a little about Yeshua. About a week later, we saw Shlomis again and she remembered us by name. I asked if she had investigated the claims of Yeshua. This time, she stuck around long enough to hear the entire gospel and said that, since meeting us, she’d spoken to others about this issue and even ordered a book on the subject. She then asked, ‘What would my family do if I ever became a “Jew for Jesus?”‘ Meanwhile, as Amer and I were talking to Shlomis, Amer noticed a woman on the corner watching us. Waknine, a French-speaking Jew from Morocco, knew enough English to tell Amer that she didn’t believe in Jesus—but she listened as he explained the gospel. She agreed to receive a New Testament in French. Please pray for Waknine and Shlomis, that God will reveal Himself to both of them.”

From San Francisco, missionary Hannah Neufeld reports, “When I called Barbara (a contact referred by a Christian friend through our Letter of Witness program), her husband Aristotle told me she wasn’t home. I said I’d call back later, but when I didn’t want to say more, Aristotle became curious and we began playing a kind of guessing game. It turned out Aristotle is also Jewish, has two PhDs (which he was using to give me the third degree!), loves philosophy and has very eastern beliefs about God. When I called again, Barbara was home, interested in hearing more about Jews for Jesus and willing to meet with me. And so was Aristotle! Please pray for our meeting, that both of their hearts would be open to Yeshua.”

From Los Angeles, branch leader Tuvya Zaretsky reports, “Donna had been praying for her Jewish boss, Dennis, for a while. But when they’d talk about Jesus, he asked questions that she was unable to answer. Recalling a presentation I did at her church, Donna called Jews for Jesus for assistance. I sent her our booklet ‘Turning to God’ and the pamphlet ‘Jewish and Christian, Can It Be?’. She gave them to Dennis along with some answers to his questions. About a month later, Dennis called us directly with more questions. I explained the gospel and two days later he called back to tell me that he had decided to follow Messiah Yeshua. He was eager to find a local church and be baptized! Praise God!”

From Israel, missionary Shlomi Abramov reports, “I was helping to direct traffic at the annual Israel-Messianic Jewish Alliance Shavuot Celebration near Jerusalem when a friend, Pastor Davis, introduced me to Arieh and his girlfriend Renat. Both had attended Pastor Davis’ congregation and seemed to be genuinely seeking. I shared my story with them along with some Scriptures and when I invited them to receive Yeshua, both accepted joyfully! Praise God, some plant seeds, some water, but God brings the harvest!”