September 2000 Newsletter (5761:1)

Study to Show Yourself Approved
September 1, 2000

Jews for Jesus is often perceived as a youth movement of mostly single, college-age men and women with a few married couples to round out the mix. It is easy to understand why people see us that way. One of the most enduring images of our ministry is that of young people handing out tracts…

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Stuff I’m Still Learning About Being Right and Wrong
Author: Ruth Rosen

The more I allow myself to fear that others will mistake me for wrong, the more wrong I am likely to be. What I should really fear is being wrong and not knowing it. I can always gain from seeing where I am wrong, whether the person pointing it out is young or old, wise…

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What and Who Are Jews for Jesus Approved Students?

Early on, our founder Moishe Rosen recognized the need to develop young people for ministry. He began our long-standing commitment to help young Jewish Christians receive Bible college and seminary training. Our Approved Student program, funded by donations from caring Christians, has provided theological training for scores of young Jewish believers in Jesus. Along with…

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Investing in Young Jewish Lives

Jeannie Goldstein serves with her husband Efraim in Tel Aviv. Their two sons, Daniel and Gabi, are 17 and 15. Jeannie spends much of her time preparing for and conducting Bible clubs, that serve as an important time for young Israelis who believe in Jesus to study the Word and be with others who believe…

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In Tribute

We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about Mrs. Carmen Mathis, a longtime friend of Jews for Jesus. When she learned of our Camp Gilgal ministry in 1994, Mrs. Mathis decided to take this on as her personal ministry. Her generosity really helped us push forward with our camping program. She…

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The Name of Jesus
Author: Moishe Rosen

You know, we could have found a less controversial name for our mission than Jews for Jesus.” But lifting up the name of Jesus is really what we are all about. And finding kindred spirits who feel the same way is so encouraging that I wanted to pass this along to you. I was heading…

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Bits from the Branches

From Odessa, outreach worker Valery Bolotov reports, When I dropped in to visit Boris, his son Yaroslav answered the door and told me that his parents had moved to Germany. We talked briefly and as I told him the gospel, I sensed God’s Spirit was touching his heart. I invited Boris to pray to receive…

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