Stan Meyer reports from Los Angeles, Nathan S. contacted us looking for a ‘religion’ that would help him make sense of life. We met and I told him the gospel, but Nathan didn’t think he was a sinner. ‘I don’t feel guilty,’ he insisted. When he returned to his car, Nathan had a parking ticket. His response? ‘I didn’t do anything wrong—I didn’t see that “Residential Permit Only” sign.’ Later, Nathan told me that he called to request that his ticket be dismissed. But the city official gave him the classic line: ‘Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law!’ Nathan had to pay the penalty, and his experience gave me an excellent opportunity to explain that there is a penalty for sin—whether or not we feel guilty. ‘That makes sense,’ Nathan agreed, and he prayed to receive Jesus as his Savior! The price of that parking ticket was well spent, praise the Lord!”

Also from Los Angeles, Josh Sofaer reports, “A Christian named Virginia called our office asking for help witnessing to Lee, a Jewish woman in a nursing home. Since I was preparing to leave for our Camp Gilgal the following morning, I visited Lee that same day. She was extremely open; Virginia had done a good job and basically sent me to pick the ripe fruit. Lee prayed to receive Jesus as her Messiah! Ironically, I had just finished a sortie (tract passing expedition) at the local farmers’ market—what a fruitful day!”

From Israel, Kate A. reports, “We met a couple at a weekly street fair and began to witness to them. The man told us that they didn’t speak Hebrew, so we spoke to them in English. Turned out, they were from New York. When we told them that we believe in Yeshua as the Messiah the man exclaimed, ‘You guys are from Jews for Jesus aren’t you?!’ Way to go New York!”

Galia Bogomolova reports from Dnepropetrovsk, “One of our volunteers, Larissa R., was beaten by the opposition during a recent sortie. Though perplexed, she was not afraid. In fact, she went back to hand out broadsides the next day—500 in all. One Jewish person even came to faith! God turned Larissa’s suffering to joy!”

From Kharkov, Misha Vaishengolz reports, “It was 9 o’clock at night and my drop-in visits weren’t going well. Tired and discouraged after having a door literally slammed in my face, I decided to try one more. I visited Maya B. who welcomed me into her home. She had been receiving our literature and had already read the New Testament! She asked how she could receive forgiveness from the Lord and prayed with me to receive Him!”

From New York, Kina Forman reports, “I left many messages for Harriet S., but she never returned my calls—until recently. Unknown to us, she had been wondering whether or not Jesus was the Messiah. So when she found a note with our branch’s phone number at the bottom of her paper piles, she decided that God was giving her a ‘sign’ to call us. When we met, Harriet told me, ‘I really do believe that Jesus died for my sins.’ She still has a few more questions, but seems close to accepting the Lord.”

Eliyah Gould in Johannesburg reports, “I began meeting with Svi, an Israeli who has lived and worked in South Africa, for many years. He longs to have a relationship with God but is concerned that Jesus may be a false prophet. I know that as Svi studies the Bible, he will find that Jesus is exactly who He claimed to be. Please pray for Svi as he reads the Hebrew New Testament.”

Also from Johannesburg, Lev Leigh reports, “Occasionally I minister in Cape Town, which enables me to meet with people like Michael, a Jewish seeker. As we spoke, Michael seemed to grasp the biblical concept of sin. However, he suggested that humanity must redeem itself, through good deeds, repentance, etc. I told him, ‘Only Jesus lived a perfectly righteous life; that’s why we can only be redeemed through His sacrificial death which takes away the punishment we deserve.’ He was very attentive. I gave him a copy of our Yeshua book (which explains some basic messianic prophecies) and telephoned him when I returned to Johannesburg. To my delight, he was reading his Bible and was quite willing to have me call again. Please pray that the Lord will reveal Himself to Michael soon.”