Messiah’s Shofar: Happening Now!

Meet the newly-formed Jews for Jesus mobile evangelistic music team of Russian speaking Jewish believers! These outreach workers are touring the former CIS, bringing Jewish gospel music to churches and street corners, handing out broadsides and visiting Jewish contacts where we don’t yet have a branch. They are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to minister in Germany as well (see: It Could Happen!”).

Leonid Kruter, the team leader for Messiah’s Shofar, came to faith in Odessa in 1992 through the story of one of the first indigenous staff members on our post-Soviet outreach team. He has served in Odessa as well as Moscow and has directed evangelistic campaigns in St. Petersburg and Sevastopol (Crimea).

Natasha Kruter, from the Russian city of Kazan, became a believer in Jesus in 1993 while studying architecture at university. Soon after, she heard a Jews for Jesus speaker at a conference in Moscow whose message was that we are saved in order to serve. Natasha participated in the Jews for Jesus Moscow Witnessing Campaign, completed her studies and joined our staff in the fall of 1995. She and Leonid met during our School of the Messengers training program in Odessa.

Vlad Rehovsky came to the Lord in 1996 through the story of a young woman named Ilona who was one of the “firstfruits” of the Odessa work. Vlad received university training as a classical musician but soon decided to seek a way to use his talent for the Lord. Like others now on staff, he traveled a path of volunteering with Jews for Jesus, participating in our campaigns and training programs, and finally applying for staff in the fall of 1997.

Asher Avramovsky (the only Macedonian on our staff!) has been following Yeshua since the early 1990s. We met him at a missions conference in England. He adds a multi-lingual dimension to the team, for in addition to his native Macedonian dialect, he speaks German, Russian, English, and Serbian.

Diana Bochko was born and raised in Belarussia. Her talent as a singer and musician steered her toward a performance career. But after committing her life to the Lord in 1994, she decided to use her talents to the glory of God. After parti-cipating in our training program, the School of the Messengers in 1997, she became a faithful volunteer. She joined our staff in 1997 and serves as musical director for Messiah’s Shofar.


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