Campaign Praise Report

Unloading over a million broadsides is a major undertaking and this year it seemed like just about everything that could go wrong did. People were honking horns, upset about the truck slowing down traffic, sunny skies suddenly clouded up and gave way to a downpour—and no volunteers around to help! But there was a bright spot: Charles, the same truck driver who delivered our Campaign broadsides last year, was back. This year, he even helped us unload the tracts. As Charles was passing along boxes of tracts, our outreach worker Vlad was passing along the gospel to Charles. At 11:50 a.m., Vlad asked our missionary Toviah if he’d like to pray with Charles to receive the Lord. Toviah asked Charles if that’s what he wanted…and he did! The staff christened this, our first decision of Campaign!!” The truck driver who delivered the tracts!

Well, that was our first decision of the New York Campaign. By the end, 341 people had come to faith in Yeshua, 15 of them Jewish. In addition, 2,378 unbelievers gave their names, addresses, etc. to hear more about Jesus. 690 of them were Jewish. And those tracts that Charles helped unload? Campaigners hand delivered them to 1,028,345 individuals.

In Paris, we handed out 336,200 tracts in three weeks. 16 people came to faith, 2 of them Jewish. 624 more asked for information about Jesus, 245 of whom were Jewish.

In the former Soviet Union, we are still conducting mini-campaigns. But thus far, outreach workers have handed out 478,776 tracts. Of the 222 people who’ve come to faith, 34 are Jewish. And of the 4,627 people who’ve requested more information, 1,375 are Jewish.

Thanks so much to those of you who have been faithfully praying for these campaigns!


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