Mizner Park Man Meets Messiah

Broadsiding is one of the mainstays of our Jews for Jesus ministry. I usually hand out tracts once or twice every week. The responses from the Jewish people I meet on evangelistic expeditions such as these range from indifference to hostility. A few are genuinely open to hear more.

I met Paul, a Jewish man in his mid-sixties, while broadsiding this past May at Mizner Park, a chic downtown section of Boca Raton, Florida. After a brief conversation, he gave me his mailing address and phone number for further contact. When I phoned him shortly thereafter, he was enthusiastic about meeting to hear what I had to say.

We met at his home in Del Ray Beach. I found that, like many Jews, he had been heavily influenced by the secularism of our age and had learned to regard all religion as foolishness.

As he grew older, however, Paul’s atheist convictions began to weaken. There were moments in which he had the overpowering feeling of the presence and working of a greater Power. Eventually, he grew convinced. As he began to search for answers to his spiritual questions, he was drawn to Eastern religious literature and concluded that Buddhism contains the answers to life’s spiritual questions. Such was his mindset when we met.

We met again in two weeks’ time to discuss the issues of sin, salvation, and the Savior in the context of the Gospel of John. At one point in our discussion, Paul frowned and looked down. I paused to hear what he had to say, thinking that he was going to express skepticism. After a moment of silence, he looked up and said, David, does God draw people?” I answered affirmatively. He then shared with me that he had seen a therapist the day before. The therapist told him that he had much bottled up guilt which he would have to learn to deal with through forgiveness. He then told me that as I spoke about God’s forgiveness through Yeshua’s atoning death, things seemed to make sense. He also shared his profound sense of God’s guiding him to this point.

I sat there thrilled with the privilege of being a cog in the wheel of God’s purpose to draw someone to Himself. As I explained to Paul again that Jesus invites him to enter into a personal relationship, it was clear that he was ready. I led him in a prayer of repentance and faith, and he invited Jesus to be his Savior. Please pray that the God who has faithfully drawn Paul will continue to guard, protect and increase his faith in Yeshua.


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