In with the NEW does not mean OUT with everything that’s TRIED and TRUE.

That is why many of the photographs you’ll see in the New Jews for Jesus Journal show people doing what we’ve always done: handing out broadsides (gospel tracts). Broadsiding” is just one of many ways that we reach out—but it’s one of the easiest to photograph, because it’s a highly visible form of evangelism. That is one reason why we continue to do it—even those who don’t respond can still see the message.

Another reason is that time and time again, the Holy Spirit blows this gospel seed far beyond the soil where we first planted it—and often our gospel tracts provide opportunities for people we’ve never met to witness to their Jewish friends.

For example, one brother, Dino Bolletto, wrote to say,

I’m an Italian Bible-believing Christian, married to an English woman, and we have three children. Two years ago, we came to England for a holiday to see our English relations. We took a day off to do some shopping in London, and while we were walking around going out of one shop into another, I came across some leaflets left on the footpath. At a glance, I noticed that they were Bible related, but you get so many people misusing the Bible these days that I said “No” and walked away, but an inner voice told me to go back. I did and picked up two leaflets. To my surprise, I noticed that they were from Jews for Jesus. I showed them to my wife and took them back to Italy with us, always wondering why the Lord wanted me to pick up English material! For Jews? In Italy? [Yet] every time I looked at them it made me happy.

Some months later in my home town Assisi, my wife Vina met Joyce, an American Jew. Then we remembered the leaflets, and after several visits and long discussions, Vina handed over the leaflets to Joyce who then got in touch with Jews for Jesus in the USA. Today Vina has regular Bible studies with Joyce who is very thirsty for the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are soon to move back to the UK, and I would like all your brothers and sisters to pray for Joyce, for the Lord to free her from M.S. and strengthen her in her faith.

Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Another brother, Kevin Shannon, wrote:

As a gentile believer in Yeshua, I have been learning Hebrew at a London synagogue.

Our last lesson of the term [found] our class reduced to two, plus our Hebrew teacher—Tsipora, a Russian Jew. Tsipora remarked that she had been shopping in Oxford Street when she came across a group of people wearing some very bold T-shirts handing out leaflets for Jews for Jesus. She was obviously startled and said that she kept and observed from a cautious distance.

To my surprise, the other student, Rose, said, “Do you know, Tsipora, there are thousands of Jews coming to know Jesus as the Messiah.” I discovered that evening that Rose is a Messianic Jew. We spent the next two hours speaking to Tsipora about Jesus, [pointing out] numerous Messianic prophecies.

Tsipora was open and listened intently, interjecting occasionally. She said cautiously that it was difficult for her to comprehend God within the context of [Jewish Scriptures] without accepting all that we had given witness to. A definite new candidate for prayer.

What an amazing evening I had personally experienced—talking of Yeshua in a synagogue; and inadvertently becoming involved with the Jews for Jesus summer witnessing campaign. What a precious day—many thanks to you and to Him.

Of course, handing out broadsides is still a great way for our missionaries to meet Jewish people who are willing to hear more about Jesus, as is evident in the article on the next page.


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