We have an abbreviated newsletter wrapped around the Journal.

No one complained when we sent our last two Journals out instead of the Newsletter. In fact, we received tons of fan” mail. Yet as we were planning our third Journal, we had to face one troublesome fact: despite the compliments, our regular income decreased both months that we sent the Journal instead of our Newsletter. You’ll find your response card/ envelope with the prayer calendar in the center of the Journal.

It makes sense—many of you are accustomed to sending in your gift when our Newsletter arrives. (Don’t worry, we won’t start mailing it twice a month!) This time we decided to send a newsletter with the Journal as a friendly reminder that if you usually give a gift at this time, we need your support as much as ever (and maybe even a little extra if you enjoy the Journal and would like to defray the cost of this special publication).

If you haven’t been a supporter of Jews for Jesus yet because you are still getting to know us, we hope that you’ll prayerfully consider us as a possible link to Jewish people who need to hear about Jesus.