Mitch Forman, one of our New York Missionaries, has been faithful to keep our story going in the Boston area, traveling there every month to evangelize, conduct fellowship meetings, and occasionally attend a conference.

Whenever we attend a conference where people set up booths, we bring our Jews for Jesus shopping bags. They aren’t stylish, but they are big, and most people appreciate having something sturdy with handles for all the literature they receive. But they serve another purpose.

When Cheryl came by our booth at Congress ’97, she told Mitch a shopping bag” story. It seems that upon walking out the front door of the auditorium where the conference was held, she found herself face to face with a fire fighter who is stationed across the street from the auditorium. He approached her to say how silly it was for her to be carrying a Jews for Jesus shopping bag.

Cheryl proceeded to discuss spritual issues with this gentleman. He had grown up knowing a little about Jesus but had not been walking with Him. She quickly turned the conversation to the status of his own heart, and this fire fighter who had attempted to mock her turned quite serious. Before long, she led him through the sinner’s prayer right there on the streets of Boston. Talk about putting out a fire—all because she had taken a step of faith and was walking around the streets of Boston with a big “silly” Jews for Jesus shopping bag!


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