September 1997 Newsletter (5758:1)

The New Jews for Jesus
September 1, 1997

You are now holding a half-sized Jews for Jesus newsletter wrapped around a full-sized Journal!* This New Jews for Jesus Journal is our third; we published the last one in 1995. We felt it was high time to update that Journal and I’m very pleased to present you with this, the latest.” If you have…

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In with the New

In with the NEW does not mean OUT with everything that’s TRIED and TRUE. That is why many of the photographs you’ll see in the New Jews for Jesus Journal show people doing what we’ve always done: handing out broadsides (gospel tracts). Broadsiding” is just one of many ways that we reach out—but it’s one…

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Mizner Park Man Meets Messiah

Broadsiding is one of the mainstays of our Jews for Jesus ministry. I usually hand out tracts once or twice every week. The responses from the Jewish people I meet on evangelistic expeditions such as these range from indifference to hostility. A few are genuinely open to hear more. I met Paul, a Jewish man…

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A Bit From a Branch

Mitch Forman, one of our New York Missionaries, has been faithful to keep our story going in the Boston area, traveling there every month to evangelize, conduct fellowship meetings, and occasionally attend a conference. Whenever we attend a conference where people set up booths, we bring our Jews for Jesus shopping bags. They aren’t stylish,…

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Here’s Why

We have an abbreviated newsletter wrapped around the Journal. No one complained when we sent our last two Journals out instead of the Newsletter. In fact, we received tons of fan” mail. Yet as we were planning our third Journal, we had to face one troublesome fact: despite the compliments, our regular income decreased both…

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