Feast Season Temporal Significance for Israel Under the Law Future Significance for all God’s People Under Grace Scripture Event

Yom Truah: The Day of Trumpets also known as Rosh Hashanah

Head of the Year

Fixed date on the Hebrew calendar is the first of Tishrei.

This year, it falls on September 14 (officially at sundown September 13).

A Solemn Assembly (trumpets are blown to alert people to the need for repentence as they prepare for the Day of Atonement).

The beginning of the regathering of the people of Israel to the land in preparation for the final Day of Atonement. The assembly of all believers, dead and alive, in the heavens with the Messiah, Jesus.

“I will gather them out of all countries where I have driven them…and I will bring them back again to this place, and I will cause them to dwell safely”

(Jeremiah 32:37). “For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God…and we who are alive…shall be caught up together…to meet the Lord”

(1 Thes 4:16, 17).

Israel Regathered The Rapture of His Church and the Return of Christ

Yamim Noraim: The ten days of awe beginning on Rosh Hashanah and ending on Yom Kippur. This is a time of reflection and contemplation as people consider their sin and the need to repent and receive God’s forgiveness.

Yom Kippur: Day of Atonement

Fixed date on the Hebrew calendar is the tenth of Tishrei. This year, it falls on September 23 (officially at sundown September 22).

A Solemn Assembly for repentance and forgiveness under the Law (must be repeated each year).

Believers in Jesus are forgiven by His sacrifice: one Atonement for all time. The rest of Israel will repent and look to her Messiah one day.

“So Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many” (Hebrews 9:28). “And I will pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication; then they will look on Me whom they pierced. Yes, they will mourn for him.…In that day a fountain shall be opened for the house of David and…Jerusalem, for sin and for uncleanness”

(Zechariah 12:10; 13:1).

Israel turns to her Messiah

Succoth: Feast of Booths (or Tabernacles)

Fixed date on the Hebrew calendar is the fifteenth of Tishrei. This year, it falls on September 28 (officially at sundown September 27).

Final harvest celebration and Memorial of Tabernacles in the Wilderness.

Joyous assembly—all peoples brought under the rulership of the King Messiah.

“…everyone who is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall go up from year to year to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, and to keep the Feast of Tabernacles”

(Zechariah 14:16).

The Kingdom of God on Earth