One day I received a phone call from Sarah, one of our Jewish contacts. (She says she thinks that she believes—but she has not actually accepted Jesus into her life yet. She stalls each time I press her on the subject.) Sarah said a French Jewish friend of hers, a retired university professor, had found two Jews for Jesus books lying unattended in the Paris metro.

You mean tracts, not books,” I corrected her.

“No, two books by Jews for Jesus,” she repeated.

“Maybe they are from another organization,” I said.

Again Sarah insisted that they were two books by Jews for Jesus.

Suddenly I remembered that a couple of days earlier I had lent a Christian friend two books in English. One was Jesus for Jews, a book of testimonies from Jewish believers, and the other was our Yeshua book. Could it be—?

“Were the books in French or in English?” I asked Sarah.

“In English,” she replied. “What’s more,” she added, “as you know, I don’t understand English, but Professor Cohen is a retired professor of English here in Paris. He was most intrigued to find those books, as he had never heard of Jews believing in Jesus. He was even more surprised when I told him that I knew the people who work for Jews for Jesus here in Paris.”

Still incredulous that those same books could have fallen so fortuitously into the hands of an English-speaking Jewish person, I asked, “At which metro station did your friend find the books?”

“At Ledru Rollin,” Sarah replied.

“Then it’s not possible they were ours,” I said, as I remembered that the Christian contact to whom I had given the books had accompanied me into the metro at the Place de la Concorde.

“Wait a minute,” Sarah added. “We entered the metro at Ledru Rollin, but it was actually at the Place de la Concorde where we got off. I think Professor Cohen picked up the books just as we got out of the metro.”

Isn’t it amazing that of the 3,430,876* people who use the Paris metro every day, the person to find those lost books would be an English-speaking Jewish man who already knew one of our Jewish contacts! It was a reminder that God’s ways are so much higher than ours, and that He does more than we ask for or can possibly expect.

When I asked Sarah to get the books back to me, she suggested that I wait a couple of weeks to give Professor Cohen time to read them. How wise of her!

Please pray for Sarah and for Professor Cohen, whom I have never met, and also for Sarah’s brother, a retired doctor. He, too, is one of our contacts. Lately he told me that he thinks Jesus may well be the Messiah, but he could not be the Son of God because God cannot have a son. (Where have we heard that one before?!) Still, God is able to work, as we were shown once again by this extraordinary occurrence.

*Figure according to publicity from the metro authorities.


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Stephen Pacht | Geneva

Stephen Pacht directs the work of Jews for Jesus in Switzerland. Stephen, who has previously been in charge of the UK and Paris work, lives in Switzerland with his wife Deborah and their four children.

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