Holiday Name Rosh Hashanah, Yom T’ruah Yom Kippur Succoth
English Name New Year’s Day, Feast of Trumpets Day of Atonement Feast of Booths, Tabernacles
Jewish Calendar Date First day of Tishre Tenth day of Tishre Fifteenth day of Tishre
Approx. Gregorian Date September Sept/October Sept/October
Duration One day One day Eight days
Based on Scripture Lev. 23:23-25 Lev. 23:26-32 Lev. 23:33-36
Purpose A call to remember God and a fresh start Penitence and Forgiveness Harvest feast
How Observed in O.T. Time Blowing of trumpets; Sabbath of rest; Animal sacrifices Animal sacrifices; Sabbath of rest; Repentance Days 1 and 8 Sabbaths of rest and burnt offerings; booth-dwelling for eight days
How Observed Today Blowing of shofar (ram’s horn) and Sabbath of rest; Synagogue services; Sweet foods eaten to symbolize hope for a good year; pockets emptied at body of water to symbolize divesting oneself of sin Repentance, fasting; Sabbath of rest; the very Orthodox “sacrifice” a chicken; others make donations to synagogues and charity as atonement Meals in booths attached to Orthodox homes; harvest fruit hung from ceiling; Days 1 and 8 Sabbaths of rest
Prophetic Import Trump of God calls his own (I Cor. 15:52; I Thess. 4:16) Christ’s Atonement; Israel ‘s ultimate repentance and salvation (Zech. 12:10; Rom. 11:26-27) Eternal rest for God’s people in his presence (Heb. 4:9-10; Rev. 21:3)