September 1990 Newsletter (5750:11)

The Only Way To Commit Suicide
September 1, 1990
Author: Steven Burg

I had an eight o’clock appointment, so I was a bit pressed for time when I decided to do my shopping. The evening rush-hour traffic didn’t hold me back too much, and when I had selected my groceries I was glad to find a checkout stand that was open. Glancing at my watch I realized […]

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The Fall Feasts of Israel

Holiday Name Rosh Hashanah, Yom T’ruah Yom Kippur Succoth English Name New Year’s Day, Feast of Trumpets Day of Atonement Feast of Booths, Tabernacles Jewish Calendar Date First day of Tishre Tenth day of Tishre Fifteenth day of Tishre Approx. Gregorian Date September Sept/October Sept/October Duration One day One day Eight days Based on Scripture […]

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Winners In The Game Of Life
Author: Moishe Rosen

There are some people in this “game of life” who have lost the game before they ever entered the playing field. They were impoverished before they ever took up their life’s work and they will never succeed. They suffered defeat before they ever fought a battle, and they could never even crush a fragile shell […]

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Greeting Card Alert

One way of showing your Jewish friends and relatives that you respect them and the Jewish religion is to send greeting cards at the appropriate times. Jewish New Year cards are now available in most greeting card shops. Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) falls on September 20 th this year. Yom Kippur (the Day of […]

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Attention Travelers To Israel:

If you have ever visited Israel and stayed at a hotel there, you may have noticed that, unlike most other areas in the free world, there was no Bible in your room. This is probably because of reticence by hotel management to supply complete Old and New Testament Bibles for guests in order not to […]

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We’re Glad You Asked…

QUESTION: How can a person understand the book of Revelation? One commentator sees most of the events as happening in the future, while the author of another commentary sees most of it as already having happened in the past. How can we really understand what God means? ANSWER: Whenever a discussion of the book of […]

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Inscribed In The Book Of Life
Author: Holly R.

I did not think the situation sounded at all unusual. After all, many of the Jewish believers I know are trying to share the good news of Yeshua with their parents. So when Mrs. Goldstein began to tell me over the phone that her daughter was free to believe anything she wanted, I could almost […]

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New Life At The New Year

Our Jews for Jesus missionaries obtain the names and addresses of those we seek to reach in various ways. We get names through our street witnessing and by making phone calls (cold calling) to people with Jewish surnames. But over the years, the best and most consistent source of our initial contact with those who […]

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The Prayer That is Not a Prayer
Author: Joshua Moss

Perhaps the best known of all the High Holiday synagogue melodies is the haunting Kol Nidre that ushers in the Day of Atonement. Yet in reality this most significant passage of the Jewish High Holiday liturgy is not a prayer at all. Kol Nidre marks the performance of a Jewish legal ceremony performed in the […]

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