One of the most exciting aspects of our ministry in Jews for Jesus is seeing people come to know the Lord through our work. We spend many hours on the streets distributing our literature and many more hours meeting with people one on one to talk about Jesus. As members of The Liberated Wailing Wall, we spend many hours proclaiming the message of Jesus through song. Yet we don’t always see immediate fruit from our labors, as the Lord recently taught me.

The Liberated Wailing Wall was in a Boston church for a presentation. The service went much as we had expected, but afterwards I was in for a surprise! As I stood in the sanctuary talking to some people, a young man and woman approached me. They were both smiling from ear to ear. The man said, Hello Murray, do you remember me? My name is Mitch.” I was caught in one of those situations where I remembered his face, but didn’t know where I had seen him before. Apologetically I told him that I needed him to refresh my memory.

He told me that he and his wife had been to one of our presentations a year earlier and that I had spoken to them about the Lord. He said, “Murray, one week after you left I accepted Jesus as my Messiah and Savior!!” He told me that two weeks after he had accepted the Lord his wife had also done so. Then I remembered him.

Mitch was a Jewish man who had come up to talk to me. He had been thinking about Jesus and wondering how he could he Jewish and accept him. He had read the Bible and knew what the Bible said, but was afraid of losing his Jewish identity. That evening I spoke to Mitch and his wife for about 45 minutes. I told him that accepting Jesus was the most Jewish thing to do. I also told him that as Jews for Jesus we continue to express our Jewish identity as believers in Jesus. I asked Mitch if he wanted to make a commitment to the Lord that night. He replied that he wasn’t ready, but he did pray that God would help him to make a decision.

It didn’t take the Lord long to answer his prayer—only one week! The Lord promises to honor the preaching of his word. He says in Isaiah 55:11, “…so shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth; it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”

It took me a whole year to hear about Mitch’s decision, but believe me, it was worth the wait!!