After one of our Liberated Wailing Wall presentations in Seminole, Florida, a smiling lady approached me. Holding a postcard in her hand, she asked, Are you Heidi?” “Yes,” I said, returning her smile. Then with an even bigger smile she said, “I’m Sharon. You wrote me and my husband a card inviting us to this meeting!” She seemed a little excited. As I thanked her for coming, she told me the reason for her excitement (she really was beaming).

She said, “My husband and I have been witnessing to a Jewish friend of ours for quite sometime, and we really feel that he’s close to making a decision for Christ. We’ve told him all about Jews for Jesus and we thought maybe you could…oh, here he comes!”

Slowly moving toward us was a tall older man, probably in his 60s. His silver hair was combed straight back. He used a cane, but walked with dignity. I found myself thinking he must have been very tall in his younger years.

“Heidi, I’d like you to meet ‘Rob’.” (Gulp! Was I ready for this?) “How do you do, sir?” I responded. He just nodded. Sharon started talking and I listened with half an ear, but most of my attention, though I tried not to show it, was on Rob. I found him a rather curious man and I would have liked just to stare at him for a good 10 minutes until I had completed my study. I refrained from this temptation and went back to concentrating on the conversation. Sharon was saying, “Rob has been living here in Florida. He moved here from New York City.” Then she turned to talk with someone else for a moment and I was left with this man who so far had not uttered one word.

To my discomfort, he seemed to be analyzing me. “You are Jewish?” he asked. I answered that I was. Then I added, “I am Jewish and I believe that Yeshua is the anointed one of Israel.” Was he going to belt me with his cane, I wondered. Then he said with a slight raising of his chin, “I am Jewish.” Now that we had that straight, I asked him what he thought of Jesus. He answered, in his own time, that he thought of him quite a bit but had not become a Christian yet. Yet! Did I hear him say “yet”? It sounded encouraging.

We were standing right next to some chairs, and I asked him if he would like to sit down. Stubbornly at first he said, “No,” but finally he sat down.

For the next 10 minutes or so I learned a lot about Rob. God was indeed working on his heart, and it was my guess (and hope) that he would enter a personal relationship with the Messiah very soon. He especially talked about Sharon and her husband and the effect that their lives in Christ had had on him. Even though he had not responded to their urging him to receive Christ, their diligence and unconditional love had made a heavy impact on him. I asked him if he would like to pray now to receive Yeshua, but he hesitated so I didn’t push it.

Rob also had many of his questions answered by Murray Tilles, our team leader, who later joined our conversation. Rob’s main concern seemed to be how he could keep his Jewish identity once he received Jesus. So many of his questions were “Jewish” questions. Praise God for his timing in having us and Rob in the right place at the right time.

After we left the area, I often wondered about Rob and how he was coming along in his spiritual search for the truth. I didn’t have to wonder long. Later we heard from Sharon that exactly one week after The Liberated Wailing Wall had been to Seminole, Rob had prayed to receive Yeshua into his heart. He became a brand new believer at 63 years of age, and it was encouraging to know that God had allowed us on the team to be part of the process!