The ministry of Jews for Jesus encompasses a wide range of evangelistic activities and employs many people of varied talents, backgrounds and experiences.

In the forefront of our ministry are the vocational workers. They are full-time missionaries with Jews for Jesus. They spend their work week doing such things as telephoning Jewish people and setting up appointments to discuss the Messiah, the Scriptures and other related topics They visit Jewish believers and unbelievers in homes, hospitals and convalescent homes. They go broadsiding (another name for tract distribution). They speak in churches to present our ministry needs and to help God’s people understand the Old Testament roots of our common faith in Christ. They also teach and participate in Bible studies and special holiday services.

Another specialized ministry within the vocational worker staff is our traveling Jewish gospel music team, The Liberated Wailing Wall. They do the same things the branch missionaries do, except they do them while traveling all over the country and sometimes abroad. They sing, preach, give testimonies, hand out tracts, present outdoor gospel drama and on occasion drive the 40-foot bus they call home

We have another category of missionary, perhaps more aptly called missionary in training.” These are the Jews for Jesus approved students. The approved students are a hardy breed. Sent by Jews for Jesus to one of several Bible schools or seminaries, they perform the same activities as the full-time vocational workers, but on a lesser scale, while attending school. They must earn good, or at least passing grades. This very busy schedule provides them with a great deal of motivation for cultivating a strong prayer life!

Besides vocational staff and approved students, Jews for Jesus employs an extensive variety of administrative workers. At Headquarters in San Francisco we have a whole department that is responsible for contacting churches to arrange meetings for our traveling teams and individual speakers. This is our Department of Mobile Evangelism, affectionately called DOME.

We also have dedicated secretaries, clerks, accountants, writers, computer people, artists, printers and special helpers who float back and forth between departments doing small but vital daily errands. These are our “Go-fers” who go “fer” whatever we need. They shop, make deliveries, pick up and drop off mail, move furniture, change light bulbs, stuff envelopes and do the myriad of other tasks that help our organization run smoothly.

Another category of Jews for Jesus encompasses all of our volunteer friends and helpers. This includes our co-laborer friends in almost every state who help our local and traveling staff wherever and whenever they are needed, and our faithful Board of Directors who come to us from every walk of life and meet quarterly to help us shape and maintain our ministry goals.

With our diverse abilities, temperaments, skills and backgrounds, we at Jews for Jesus comprise a sample version of the greater Body of Christ with its varied components and functions. The main function of the Church, the Body of Christ, is to proclaim the Savior, and that is our primary goal. When you remember Jews for Jesus, pray for us, that we will be able to function as one entity, working in harmony, to accomplish God’s purpose on earth.


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